She's just a tomboy from New Jersey...

New Jersey? Tomboy? Not exactly the first words that come to mind when someone says "Country".  But that's exactly what makes Lacey Caroline different from the rest.  Breaking the mold from the classic dazzle and glam, Lacey Caroline embraces her "down to earth" style, trading the sundresses for roughed up flannels and the big bows for a dirty ball cap.  She embodies the "American Dream" of a hometown girl with the grit and the guts to fight to the top of country music.  And while Lacey may have grown her roots in the Garden State of New Jersey, but she comes with a voice and heart as big as Texas.

Since 14 when she first started penning songs, Lacey's goal in music has always been to give the gift of stories and music to other people.   "If I can give the sense of relief and expression to someone else through a song, I've done my job.  I write songs about things I feel and have lived, but we all live through so many similar experiences.  I want to give someone a way to say what they were feeling, but maybe they didn't have the words," Lacey says in a recent interview.  "I wasn't the prettiest, I wasn't very popular, and I wrote songs about those things I went through.  I still focus on bringing that side of who I am into all of my songs I write today.  I want to connect with people who need someone that knows what they're going through."  

The skateboarding Tomboy from Jersey kicked off her start in music as the front woman for the pop rock band, "The Best Week Ever".  Gaining momentum, Lacey wrote and toured with the band, opening for global names like Gavin DeGraw and Bon Jovi, and playing stages as big as Metlife Stadium in her home state of New Jersey.  Lacey remembers, "I've never felt more comfortable during a performance than I did on that giant stage in front of thousands of people.  I knew right then I was doing what I was supposed to be doing".

With the release of her debut solo EP, "Songbird",  Lacey knew country music is where she ultimately belonged.  The stories that are told in country music are the stories people have lived; they are real.  Bringing her pop and rock energy, Lacey's focus is to tell her story for other people to connect their stories to.  After relocating to Nashville, TN, Lacey quickly fell more in love with the style, and began writing with experts in the genre.  Through these writer connections, the small town girl has gone on to play historic Nashville venues like The Bluebird Cafe more than 5 times within one year.

Only a year and a half after her move, Lacey recently released her first single since debut EP, "Girl Like You".  A rock driven, yet story-lined tune, "Girl Like You" introduces the evolving artist that is Lacey Caroline to the country world.  "It's awesome because the song is instrumentally very upbeat, energetic and fun like my personality, but I wanted the lyric to have substance and not just be a catchy hook.  It definitely tells a story from start to finish, which is why I love the song so much as a representation of my direction as a country artist".  

With the charm of the "girl next door", but the spitfire attitude only New Jersey can produce, Lacey Caroline is ready to kick down doors and give country music a fresh and revitalizing spin on the timeless craft of songwriting and storytelling.  With driving rock guitars and booming vocals, she may not be your most stereotypical country artist, but Lacey Caroline is country where it counts: in her heart and at the heart of her story telling.