With a set of vocals that remind you of Hillary Scott meets Katy Perry and a songwriting talent that has the potential to give Kacey Musgraves a run for her money, Caroline is destined to have a very bright future in country music”

Kalyn Jacobs for Ashlevans Entertainment

Who is Lacey Caroline?

Born and raised in northern New Jersey, Lacey Caroline is a blue collar raised, American-made Tomboy, with a voice as powerful as her rebellious style of music.  Lacey brings a newly needed kick to country music by combining her unique flavor of rock and punk, while embracing the sincere and honest art of songwriting.  From growing up in punk rock bands, Lacey doesn’t boast about singing in the choir, but instead, singing to a mosh pit.  She is recognized time and again by her refreshingly high-energy performances, big voice, and sassy attitude, but always consistently tapping into deeper subject matter through her lyrics and music.  With a youthful tone, but a mature lyrical writing style, Lacey Caroline songs are sure to strike a chord with any listener.  From young to old, classic to modern, Lacey Caroline’s music brings something for everyone.

What does she sound like?

What are people saying about her?

"Caroline has truly provided a personal snapshot of who she is and the type of music she wants to make. It’s a record that is lyrically strong and has a great sound to it that will automatically grab listener’s attentions."
- That's Music To Me

"An energetic, positive tune that celebrates being yourself, "One of the Guys" is a song that will infiltrate your eardrums and have you immediately singing along."
- The Daily Country

"Lacey Caroline, a self-proclaimed “tomboy” and a native of New Jersey, has been writing songs since she was 14 years old, and with a new EP, “One of the Guys”, just released in March of 2016, she shows no signs of stopping  anytime soon.  She brought a great older song out for the people at Belcourt Taps, called “Dirty”, which is a song about a cheating boyfriend.  I like this girl. She puts on no airs, and sings as if she’s playing for friends on her back porch.  The music is what matters, and that’s something that often gets overshadowed by the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry."
Patti McClintic; ThinkCountryMusic.com

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How can we book her?

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